L.E.A.D. 2019

Tidwell Group's Summer Leadership Program

We grow our leaders from within.

Tidwell Group is not your ordinary public accounting firm --- and that is something we take great pride in! We strive to continuously adapt to the changing environment around us, providing a work environment that is cohesive to each different stage of life. We believe that each employee brings with them unique skills, and that these make our employees our great assets! We challenge our employees to continuously grow both personally and professionally, and to help grow our firm from within. We are a family – we help each other when we are struggling and celebrate with each accomplishment.


At Tidwell Group, you are valued, appreciated, and encouraged each and every day.

See what makes us great!


LEADERSHIP. Leaders have the character and ability to encourage others, inspire confidence and to guide others towards success. No matter what position you hold, leadership skills are valuable for moving you through your career and into a leadership role. “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John Maxwell

ENGAGEMENT. Show enthusiasm: Personal energy is contagious, and so is the lack of it. No matter what the job, complete it with a sense of urgency. Leaders are engaged, asking questions and researching answers. Leaders are set apart as they choose to take on new challenges, seek new ideas, inspire a positive culture of teamwork and become major contributors.

APPRECIATION. The strongest, most effective leaders appreciate not just the business, but the people in it and they show their appreciation through their words and actions.

DEVELOPMENT. Leaders understand what the firm does, how it applies to your current position, what you need to do to provide the greatest value to the firm, and are aware of what firm expectations are to grow to the next step in your career. Whether through career development or individual learning, leaders are proactive in their own personal career growth.

Campus Recruits

  • Let’s start off by stating the obvious: Tidwell Group has structured its office culture to be the exact opposite of large public accounting firms. And we take great pride in that effort. Why? We understand that working in an environment where you are one of thousands lends itself to not feeling relevant. We’ve been there, done that. Therefore, we believe in and support an open, collaborative work environment where each opinion is heard and valued. And Tidwell partners support this environment by coaching and mentoring all team members – those that are more seasoned as well as those opening their first career doors.

  • How else is Tidwell Group different? We offer perks not found at many accounting firms including: Flexible office hours, a flat organizational structure and a casual work attire dress code.

    We respect the balance that Millennials seek. Tidwell Group firmly believes in work-life integration and providing our professionals with a flexible work environment so that they are able to balance their personal and professional goals.


We value and embrace internships. A critical part of our success is tied to converting interns into full time employees. We offer spring internships in our assurance and tax departments for 8-10 weeks commencing in January. We believe providing interns with an experience during busy season is not only financially rewarding, but also provides visibility into the peak time of our business cycle and allows for a more rewarding and challenging experience. Interns work directly with our seasoned professionals on client engagements rather than being assigned “busy work.” The Tidwell internship experience provides valuable insight into the public accounting industry, gives interns real world experience to apply to school knowledge, and affords the tools and resources needed to hit the ground running as a first year associate upon college graduation.

We believe that there is life outside of work and that you deserve to spend time doing what you enjoy!

Because of that, we are committed to helping employees balance their personal life with their career responsibilities. Tidwell Group embraces balancing work and personal goal and support a culture that affords each team member a balanced lifestyle.

This includes:
- Flexible work schedules
- Support for involvement with community service
- Support for getting involved in organizations outside of work
- Substantial paid time off.

Q&A's from past interns

Q: What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?
A: Getting to meet new people and learning more about what accountants actually do on a day to day basis. I really enjoyed talking with people that are doing the real work that I’ve learned about in my classes.

Q: Why did you choose to intern with Tidwell Group?
A: The thing that was most important to me was finding a group of people that I liked and could relate to. When I went to the bowling social with Tidwell Group and got to talk with the staff members, I really felt like these were “my people”!

Q: What advice would you give someone going through the recruiting process now?
A: Be yourself and keep an open mind. Don’t try to be something or someone that you aren’t. Be who you are and you will find people that will accept you for that.

Q: Why did you choose to do a Tax Internship?
A: I chose tax because I really liked the classes and my tax return project. I enjoy that kind of work because it feels like a big puzzle.

Q: What were your key takeaways from your internship?
A: You aren’t expected to graduate and know everything. Your workplace will teach you what you need to know and you will never stop learning and growing.

Q: What is your position now and what do you do on a day-to-day basis?
A: I am now a Tax Associate. I am doing the same type of returns that I did during my internship but on a more advanced level. They are giving me harder projects and I'm continuing to learn and grow.

Q: How have you grown since your internship?
A: I’ve learned that I need to be ok with making mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, even the people that have been working for a long time. These mistakes help us learn and grow into a better accountant.

Summer Leadership Application

**The application process for our 2019 Summer leadership program is now closed.**